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Financial markets and financialisation

That the financial sector requires fundamental reform is now conventional wisdom. The ETUI monitors the EU's reform of the financial sector.

A new and sustainable growth model of full employment and social justice must reassign to finance a commensurate role in society and the economy.

The ETUI continues to analyse how the European and G20 agenda for financial market reform can best ensure that the national, European and global regulatory architecture provides for a banking system that delivers stable and cost-effective financing for the real economy, thereby enhancing growth, stabilising macro-economic volatility, and allocating finance to socially beneficial use.

Since the outbreak of the financial crisis in 2008, the European Commission has proposed more than 40 legislative and non-legislative measures aimed at establishing a safer financial system for Europe. An overview of these measures is available on the Commission's web site. Critics argue that fundamentally very little has changed and a new financial crisis can not be excluded. Several organisations of civil society have created Finance Watch to monitor and follow the developments of EU financial reform.

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