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Health & Safety - working conditions

23% of European workers believe that their safety or their health is at risk because of their work – a figure which shows that working conditions in Europe are not improving. And even though manufacturing employment across Europe is shrinking and losing ground to service jobs, exposure to traditional physical hazards - noise, dangerous goods, heavy lifting, etc. – has not gone away. In this section we monitor latest news and highlight our research activities on working conditions and occupational health and safety.


One in every five European workers endures work-related stress

3 May 2018

Some 18 % of European workers say that they endure stress at work every day, according to the opinion survey ‘The Workforce View in Europe 2018’, published in March by the private human resources company ADP (Automatic Data Processing). This figure is 5 % higher than the 2017 result.

EU launches new awareness campaign on dangerous substances at work

3 May 2018

In order to draw attention to health and safety issues in the workplace, the European Commission and the European Agency for Safety and Health at Work (EU-OSHA) has launched in late April a new campaign titled “Healthy Workplaces Manage Dangerous Substances”. This two-year long initiative is aimed at promoting various techniques for the management of hazardous substances in the workplace.

Belgium: the trade unions give an alarming report on health and safety at work

30 April 2018

On 28 April, the World Day for Safety and Health at Work, the Belgian trade union confederation CSC gave an alarming report on the policy for preventing occupational risks in Belgium. The number of staff in the labour inspection services responsible for ensuring respect for the legislation on health and safety at work is constantly falling. The number of serious accidents at work is increasing and the risk of penalties for negligent employers is very low.

28 April 2018 - World Day for Safety and Health at Work: ‘Union workplaces are safer workplaces’

23 April 2018

This year on 28 April - the World Day for Safety and Health at Work – the union-selected global theme is ‘Union workplaces are safer workplaces’.

United States: New findings show asbestos-related deaths estimated at more than double previously reported

17 April 2018

The Asbestos Disease Awareness Organization (ADAO), an independent nonprofit dedicated to preventing asbestos exposure, announced on 16 April new findings via research from Jukka Takala, President of the International Commission of Occupational Health (ICOH).