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Health & Safety - working conditions

23% of European workers believe that their safety or their health is at risk because of their work – a figure which shows that working conditions in Europe are not improving. And even though manufacturing employment across Europe is shrinking and losing ground to service jobs, exposure to traditional physical hazards - noise, dangerous goods, heavy lifting, etc. – has not gone away. In this section we monitor latest news and highlight our research activities on working conditions and occupational health and safety.


Belgium: effects of cancer recognised as a disability

16 March 2018

In its ruling of 20 February 2018 the Brussels Labour Court equated the effects of cancer to a disability. The case involved a shop employee whose employer had refused to adapt her working hours to allow her to return to work on a part-time basis after an absence of two years following cancer treatment. The employee had in the end been laid off.

Death rates differ over three-fold between occupational groups

8 March 2018

People who work in factories, construction and in housekeeping jobs are the occupational groups that have the highest mortality rates, according to a study published in October 2017.

A French study highlights the under-recognition of work-related cancers

28 February 2018

A study once again demonstrates the shortcomings of France’s system for recognising work-related cancers as occupational diseases.

Belgium: 28 000 cases of burnout in 2017

23 February 2018

According to the figures of the National Institute for Health and Disability Insurance (INAMI), the Belgian body responsible for compensating workers who are incapacitated for work, 28 000 cases of burnout were recorded in Belgium in 2017. Of the 400 000 people who received compensation in 2017, around 7 % suffered from burnout and 15 % suffered from depression.

Workers’ exposure to traditional physical risks remains high

23 February 2018

An extensive survey on working conditions in France reveals that workers are subject to substantial ‘physical stresses’ in their workplace, and that they have less and less autonomy at work.


    ETUI Conference 'Work and Cancer', 14-15 November 2017


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