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13 December 2011

20% companies non-compliant with REACH

The European Chemical Agency’s REACH Enforcement Forum has reported on the second round of inspections under the aegis of its first coordinated enforcement project. The results show that a fifth of the inspected companies were not compliant with the REACH legislation - little better than the first round, where non-compliance of 24% was recorded. A final report on the project, including conclusions and recommendations, is expected to be published in February 2012.
The inspections, carried out between May 2010 and April 2011, were specifically aimed at checking whether companies had complied with their registration obligations under REACH and whether their safety data sheets (SDS) were in order. Nearly 800 inspections took place in 19 countries – this included 449 manufacturers, 278 importers and 436 downstream users.

Source: Chemical Watch
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