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4 October 2018

2018 Prescrire Prize awarded to an ETUI publication

The ETUI was announced as one of the winners of the 2018 Prescrire Prize in Paris on Thursday, 4 October 2018 for its publication entitled ‘Endocrine disruptors: an occupational risk in need of recognition’. These awards have been given out every year since 1989 by the French journal Prescrire, renowned for its work on drug research and its independence from the pharmaceutical industry.

Pierre Frouard GP, a member of the Prescrire editorial team, described the ETUI guide as ‘both scientifically sound and accessible to a wide audience’.

At the awards ceremony the lead author of the publication, Belgian journalist Marie-Anne Mengeot, recalled that she had first observed the effects of endocrine disrupting chemicals in the late 1980s while conducting an investigation focused on workers who were affected sexually, and sometimes rendered sterile, by exposure to solvents or pesticides.

Her co-author, Laurent Vogel, said it was regrettable that the medical profession was not better informed about patients’ working conditions. Addressing the numerous doctors in the audience, the ETUI researcher urged them to ‘… transform patients into a force for collective prevention, encourage them to object to hazardous working conditions and inform them of the support that the trade unions, labour inspectorates and occupational health services can provide’.

Three other publications received awards, including one on the struggle faced by glass workers suffering from occupational cancers.

Prescrire has some 27 000 subscribers, mostly physicians, pharmacists and other healthcare professionals.

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