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17 June 2011

A recent US study points to the role of working conditions in lung cancers among women

Lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer death in US women, accounting for 72,130 deaths in 2006. A recent study evaluates lung cancer proportionate mortality over time by the usual occupation and industry reported on death certificates.
Population-based mortality data for 4,570,711 women who died between 1984 and 1998 in 27 US States were used. Results Analyses revealed that 194,382 white, 18,225 Black and 1,515 Hispanic women died 1984–1998 with lung cancer reported as the underlying cause of death.
Following adjustment for smoking, significant excess proportionate lung cancer mortality was observed among women working in the US manufacturing; transportation; retail trade; agriculture, forestry, and fishing; and nursing/personal care industries. Women employed in precision production, technical, managerial, professional specialty, and administrative occupations experienced some of the highest significantly excess proportionate lung cancer mortality during 1984–1998.

Source :  American Journal of Industrial Medicine
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