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16 March 2018

Belgium: effects of cancer recognised as a disability

In its ruling of 20 February 2018 the Brussels Labour Court equated the effects of cancer to a disability. The case involved a shop employee whose employer had refused to adapt her working hours to allow her to return to work on a part-time basis after an absence of two years following cancer treatment. The employee had in the end been laid off.

According to the Labour Court, her employer’s refusal to adapt her working hours had been illegal and he was ordered to pay compensation of EUR 12 500 for discrimination. Taking the case-law of the European Court of Justice as its basis, the Brussels Labour Court stated that the effects of cancer could be equated to a disability. In Belgium disabled people are protected by a law against discrimination, which stipulates that employers must make ‘reasonable arrangements’ to allow their employees with disabilities to continue working.

Source: Unia, De Standaard

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