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30 August 2012

Denmark: Labor Minister wants to improve the psychological environment at work

On 9 August, the Danish Labor Minister Mette Frederiksen presented new initiatives aiming to improve the psychological environment at work.

Same reaction for psychological and physical environment infringements.

When the labor inspectorate (Arbejdstilsynet) notes problems in the psychological environment at work, their reaction isn’t the same as for problems linked with the physical environment. First, it issues a “ruling on the psychological environment” and, only if the company failed to solve the problem, it issues an injunction (påbud). For infringements to the physical environment, its first reaction is the injunction. The government now wants the labor inspectorate to do the same, issuing an injunction for the violation of the psychological environment as it does for the physical environment, and possible sanctions will be the same.

More actions against “mental burnout.”

The Minister is also allocating an additional DKK 15 million (around €2.14m) for an action plan in sectors and trades where threats, harassment and violence are most common – hospitals, schools, social services, police…

A study carried out by the National Research Center for Work (Det Nationale Forskningscenter for Arbejdsmiljø) shows that, between 2005 and 2010, the number of employees claiming that they were threatened at work went from 6 up to 11 percent and those who were actually subject to violence more than doubled, from 3 up to 8 percent.

Source: Planet Labor
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