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18 February 2011

Denmark: labor inspectorate suspended the activity of 85% of foreign businesses controlled last year

Over the last six months of 2010, when controlling 296 foreign businesses operating in Denmark, mostly in the construction industry, the Labor Inspectorate observed, in most cases, working conditions and a working environment and working conditions endangering workers' lives, to the pointed that it immediately suspended the activities of 85% of them.
"The danger observed was such that nobody was allowed to work again until the site was safer" Hasse Mortensen, lead inspector at the Labor Inspectorate, told Ugebrevet A4, the LO union’s weekly, which is featuring this theme this week. From June 1st to December 23, 2010, the Labor Inspectorate controlled 296 foreign businesses, mainly based in Poland and Sweden but also in Germany, Lithuania and Latvia, operating in Denmark. Of the 223 sanctions given during the inspection, 190 led to either a ban on continuing operations or an immediate injunction to solve the problem, temporarily suspending work in four out of five sites. In Danish businesses, the ration is three in five for the same year, LO’s newspaper points out. Half the injunctions with immediate effect were justified by the absence of sufficient protection for ceilings or floors, exposing workers to the risk of a fall, typical cause of deadly accidents in the sector. Another example of widespread danger among foreign businesses concerns digging. "We regularly observe offenses to safety rules for digging works, because it takes time and resources" Mortensen added.

Source: Planet Labor, February 16, 2011
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