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9 May 2012

Denmark: new Nanosafety Research Center

“Businesses have countless opportunities to develop new forms of nanoparticles, and testing each nanoparticle’s impact on health is a tremendous task. Yet, as nanoparticles with the same materials can have very different effects on health, we will try to find the physical and chemical properties characterizing those that impact our health. The goal is to use these special properties to assess the nanoparticles’ risk rather than carrying out global, long-term studies on each new particle” explained the Director of the Danish Nanosafety Center, Professor Ulla Vogel.

The goal is also to allow the authorities and social partners to assess risks better, providing them with a “better foundation for regulating the way nanoparticles are utilized and handled at work, without affecting employees’ health” she added. Born from the 2020 working environment strategy, the center will get a budget of DKK 30m (€4,033,283) from the Arbejdsmiljøforskningsfonden, the working environment research fund, from May 1, 2012 to April 30, 2015.

The center will notably study the expected effects of exposure to nanoparticles at work regarding acute respiratory diseases, cancer, cardiovascular diseases and pregnancy. It will develop and apply methods and system to assess exposure to nanoparticles in order to develop a risk management tool which will, among other things, foretell the effectiveness of individual protection equipment and ventilation to avoid exposure. A consultation committee answering to the center, made up of the social partners and the competent authorities, will ensure “the best possible application” and circulation of its research and knowledge.

Source: Planet Labor
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