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2 October 2015

European trade unions adopt an “Emergency motion” on health and safety at work

On 2 October 2015 European trade union delegates, meeting in Paris for the 13th Congress of the European Trade Union Confederation (ETUC), adopted an “Emergency motion” urging the European Union to protect its own health and safety at work directives against the European Commission’s wave of deregulation that has been going on several years.

The delegates at the ETUC Congress, representing 90 national trade union confederations from 39 countries and 10 European trade union federations, “condemns the attempts to put into question the existing framework of health and safety protection and to classify much needed health and safety standards as needless red tape”.

“There is no need for a full recast of the occupational health and safety directives system. The current structure with a framework directive and individual directives should be maintained”, said the statement.

According to the representatives of the European workers’ movement, occupational safety and health in the EU required the European and national authorities to define a more ambitious strategy, rather than a deregulatory approach.

They highlighted concerns such as the rise in psychosocial risks, the large number of musculoskeletal disorders and the invisible nature of occupational diseases, especially occupational cancers.

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