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11 August 2014

France: 22% of employees intimidated at work

Twenty-two percent of French workers face hostile behaviour at work, says a Labour Ministry report published in early June.

The figure includes 11.6% claiming "disrespecting of work" (unfair criticism of work, sabotaging work, etc.), 7.9% "contemptuous behaviour" (being ignored, made a public laughing stock, etc.) and 2.8% "degrading treatment" (implied mental disturbance, target of obscenities, etc.).

The figures are derived from Sumer, a large-scale survey carried out among 48,000 employees by occupational doctors in 2009-2010.

Shop and service workers, public servants, young people and foreign workers from non-EU countries claim to be more than average on the receiving end. The employees concerned are more likely to report poor health, have more work accidents and a higher rate of work absences than the general run of employees.

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