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23 June 2011

France: growing insecurity is undermining student health

Insecurity among French students has risen steadily year on year reports health insurance organisation La Mutuelle des Etudiants from the findings of a survey of 8,700 students from its 870,000-strong membership. Three-quarters see themselves as part of a "lost generation". 73% of them are supported by their families and only 38% get some form of financial help (scholarships, housing benefit, family allowances, etc.).
Nearly half of students live on less than 400 euros a month and 26% struggle to pay their basic outgoings (rent, food, etc.).As a result, one in five forgoes health care and less than a third (32%) were able to go for the compulsory medical examination in the final year of their degree, compared to 59% in 2008. A third of these young people appear stressed or generally "ill-at-ease” and 40% feel depressed.

Source: Viva Presse
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