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30 November 2017

HesaMag loses a talented contributor

It is with great sadness that the ETUI has learned of the death of Alessandro Leogrande. A talented writer and journalist, he was the author of a series of three books that gave a voice to undocumented workers in Europe.

In his trilogy, he described the reasons that prompted these workers to leave their homeland, the tragic loss of life for many crossing the Mediterranean and the workers’ collective struggle against exploitation in agriculture in Italy. In another book, he looked into the many types of cancers caused by the steel company ILVA in his hometown of Taranto in Puglia. Alessandro studied philosophy at Sapienza University in Rome and contributed to numerous media publications in Italy. He collapsed and later died on 26 November at the age of 40. His whole life was marked by an impassioned commitment to social equality. Alessandro Leogrande contributed to our HesaMag magazine by penning a report on the African agricultural workers in Italy that was published in June this year.

For further information, see:

Leogrande A., The African farm labourers' rebellion, HesaMag 15, June 2017

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