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20 September 2012

Launch of online tool for risk assessment in the leather and tanning industry

In late August, the social partners from the European Leather and Tanning Industry, industriAll European Trade Union and COTANCE, launched an “Online Risk Assessment Tool” to support small and medium sized tanners in particular in the proper management of occupational health and safety risks. The tool is meant as a reference to give valuable information and suggestions to perform a risk assessment for the tannery in order to minimise and eliminate health and safety risks.

Implementation of the tool does not however ensure legal compliance with national health and safety regulations. It is intended to raise awareness in respect of health and safety issues in the tannery and provide examples for good practice.

Leather and Tanning is a potentially high risk sector dealing with heavy machines and various chemicals. Wrong handling of machines and chemicals can cause severe damage to the human body. An improper working environment can also lead to an increase in sick leave and lower the motivation and commitment of workers.

The tool covers all major areas in a tannery, including OSH management, in-house transport, use of chemicals, working with raw hides and skins, etc. The software of the online tool has been provided by the European Agency on Health and Safety (EU-OSHA) in Bilbao.

Source: industriAll
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