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15 June 2016

New HesaMag issue: Construction workers at the mercy of social dumping

The latest issue of HesaMag, the ETUI periodical on health and safety at work, came out in early June. It contains a special report entitled ‘Construction workers at the mercy of social dumping’.

In the past decade job competition among European building workers has been increasing. The free movement of labour in an eastwards enlarged Europe has triggered a downward wage spiral, as well as deteriorating working and safety conditions. The European Union and its controversial directive on the posting of workers often get the blame, even though the Community legislation now allows public authorities – a key actor in the construction market – to include social and environmental criteria in their tender procedures. Besides the challenge of combatting social dumping, the special report addresses other major concerns for building workers and their unions: the continuing exposure to asbestos, women's access to this industry and improving the safety of construction machinery.

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