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25 May 2012

New online tool helps share alternatives to hazardous chemicals

On 24 May, a concrete tool where companies can share and find substitutes to problematic chemicals they want to phase out was presented by European environmental and labour groups and consultancies. The tool, dubbed SUBSPORT, is an online platform giving guidance on how to find safer alternatives to some of the most hazardous chemicals in use worldwide. It contains numerous practical real-case examples from companies and others on successful substitution efforts.

SUBSPORT contains around 100 substitution stories, presents examples of how problematic chemicals and materials such as perfluorinated substances, brominated flame retardants, PVC and perchloroethylene have been substituted.

The case stories have been provided by a wide range of stakeholders, from large multinationals and small companies, trade unions, and hospitals to universities and public procurement departments. The access to the multilingual web portal is free-of-charge.

"SUBSPORT will help workers and their representatives identify safer alternatives to hazardous chemicals and improve working conditions", said Pedro J. Linares, Confederal Secretary of health and safety of the Spanish union CCOO.

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