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30 November 2017

Supreme Court prohibits asbestos production in Brazil

One day after Eternit announced the suspension of asbestos-based products from 2019, the Federal Supreme Court ruled on November 29 to prohibit the extraction, marketing and distribution of asbestos (chrysotile variety) throughout the country. The decision was taken by 7 votes against 2. The Supreme Court rejected the arguments of the lobbyist umbrella organization CNTA/CNTI (Comissão Nacional dos Trabalhadores do Amianto/Centro Nacional de Trabalhadores na Industria), a coalition of pro-business trade unions.

With 300.000 metric tons produced in 2016, Brazil, the world’s is the third largest asbestos producer after Russia (1,1 million tons) and China (400.000 tons). Brazil is a major exporter and consumer. Before the ban at national level, In Brazil, eight federal states out of 27 (including the Federal District), voted to ban it  and adopted strict measures in the interest of protecting public health. But up the Supreme Court decision, Brazil’s  law continued to permit the extraction, use and commercialisation of Chrysotile (white asbestos) at national level.

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