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Safety of machinery: directives and standards

Since 1989 one key responsibility of ETUI has been to monitor European legislation and standardization in order to fulfill the ETUC’s expectations for “an approach in which health, safety and ergonomics are incorporated into the design process so as to improve working conditions”.

These pages aim to provide background information about legislation and standardization relating to ergonomics and machinery design, issues around which the ETUI is promoting and coordinating a trade union focus both at national and European level.

Latest news:

Seminar "Improving Machinery Safety: current issues and emerging risks, automation, robotics and the new Machinery Directive"

Trade union action starts from understanding basic knowledge on systems, actors, rules and procedures. ETUI wishes to give guidance on how trade unions across Europe can intervene in the production of machinery and ergonomic standards: read more on these pages

In providing this information, the ETUI has benefited from the contribution of Jean-Paul Lacore and Paul Makin, two experts who have been deeply involved in the work since the birth of the machinery standardization programme back to 1985.

Jean Paul Lacore and Paul Makin sitting at ETUI work stations to shape the machinery & standardisation web pages.