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Safety of machinery: directives and standards

Since 1989, one of ETUI's key responsibilities has been its duty to monitor European legislation and standardisation with a view to meeting the ETUC's expectations for "an approach in which health, safety and ergonomics are incorporated into the design process so as to improve working conditions".

These pages aim to provide some background information about legislation and standardisation relating to ergonomics and machinery design: issues ETUI is encouraging both national and European trade union organisations to focus on, also coordinating the efforts being made in this regard.

The introduction of new technologies at work is changing the understanding of the working environment, where technological, economic, organizational and human factors affect the workforce's behaviour and well-being. The ETUI studies the interactions between workers, tasks, equipment, workspace and environment by running projects aimed at investigating all angles of possible prevention strategies.

Trade union action is founded on a basic knowledge and understanding of systems, actors, rules and procedures. ETUI aims to provide trade unions across Europe with guidance on how they can influence machinery production and ergonomic standards. You can find more details on these pages

ETUI has been fortunate enough when compiling this information to draw on the experience of Jean-Paul Lacore and Paul Makin, two experts who have been closely involved in these activities since the machinery standardisation programme was established back in 1985.

Jean Paul Lacore and Paul Makin at ETUI working on the machinery and standardisation web pages