European Trade Union Institute, ETUI.

Machinery Legislation

Since its creation, ETUI has been following the implementation of the Machinery Directive (MD) through the Machinery Working Group (MWG), set up by the Machinery Committee in order to allow observers from industry, standardisation and the Notified Bodies to take part in the discussion of problems relating to the practical application of the Machinery Directive.

The work of the Machinery Working Group is complemented by the activities of the Machinery Administrative Cooperation Group (Machinery ADCO Group). This is a forum for the exchange of information between the market surveillance authorities of the Member States and the Commission. The Machinery ADCO Group usually meets twice a year and is chaired in turn by representatives of the Member States. The meetings are restricted to the representatives of the Member States and the Commission and the proceedings and documents of the ADCO Group are confidential, since they frequently refer to specific cases under investigation. However other stakeholders are invited to take part in ADCO meetings as experts, for a limited time, to contribute on particular topics.


"ETUI can be the vehicle to bring valuable workers' feedback into the AdCo Machinery Group" - Phil Papard, former Chairman of the AdCo Machinery Group.

ETUI has been attending the MWG since its creation, and since the last three years has been frequently invited to the machinery ADCO Group, where the “feedback” work on forklift trucks, telehandlers, and combine harvesters has been presented. The issues tabled at the MWG cover a wide range of machinery aspects: EC-type examination, relation between MD and other directives, Notified Bodies technical recommendations, progress of safeguard clauses (Commission opinions), quality of Annex ZA of specific standards, applicability of the MD to specific equipment and their classification, interchangeable equipment, overlapping scope of standards, human factors, operating instructions, conflicting national regulations, control systems, Ergonomics. Given this very diversified agenda, ETUI very often attends the MWG accompanied by skilled experts in order to increase its capacity to 1) quickly understand the reactions of the speakers and intervene during the discussions and 2) collect the information and knowledge that is indispensable to raise the quality of ETUI's technical advice and expertise.