European Trade Union Institute, ETUI.

The technical recommendations from the Feedback study on agricultural tractors

The European Commission is currently finalising the Delegated Acts (DAs) associated to the Regulation (EU) No 167/2013: ETUI has contributed to their elaboration by using the "Feedback method".

In the last 2 years ETUI has worked to collect and inject workers' recommendation to improve tractors design into the delegated acts of Regulation 167/2013: this work has been shared with a larger public by means of a European Seminar in March 2013.

The application of the Feedback study - supported by Regione Toscana - produced the following recommendations:

contains suggestions to improve the delegated acts "Regulation on vehicle functional safety requirements"

contains suggestions to improve the delegated acts "Regulation on vehicle construction requirements"

contains general recommendations for improving the safety of tractors.


A challenging legislative process

Two examples of critical technical issues on the table:

  • Regulation on vehicle functional safety requirements (RVFSR): the width of S-category vehicles has been carefully discussed with the experts of COPA-COGECA. The type-approval of telehandlers under Regulation 167/2013 has been a controversial issue, and this has blocked for some time at political level the finalisation of RVFSR.
  • Regulation on vehicle construction requirements (RVCR): On the issue of Cabin's category, a proposal was tabled, discussed, and agreed among CEMA, EFFAT + COPA-COGECA and DG SANCO.

It is estimated that all Delegated Acts will be adopted by the Commission around September 2014, if not earlier, and published in the OJ around January 2015.

This file summarizes the situation today (December 2014):

All the working documents of the Working Group on Agricultural Tractors (WGAT) are freely accessible from the CIRCABC web pages by following the links CIRCABC > Enterprise > Browse Categories > Enterprise and Industry > Automotive Industry Committees and Working Groups > Library > Commission Expert Groups > WGAT - Working Group on Agricultural Tractors