European Trade Union Institute, ETUI.


As Project Originator

1) The adequacy of the Machinery Directive to address cybersecurity and machine learning.

Goal: A) Equipping European Union stakeholders (Market Surveillance Authorities, Policy Makers, Manufacturers, Trade Unions, Employers, OHS Bodies, ISO/CEN Standard makers) with a networking opportunity to discuss concrete case studies, and study how control engineering is covering artificial intelligence (AI) applications; B) improving relationships between different organizations and sectors with interest in machinery safety; enhancing the capacities of organizations, institutions and agencies to face industrial technological developments.

Output: Four Seminars

  • November 2019 - Workshop Exchange of ideas for the revision of the Machinery Directive with a view to new technologies. Partner: Commission for Occupational Health and Safety and Standardization (KAN). Participants: 19 experts from 4 European countries.
  • January 2020 - Workshop Impact of new technologies on the revision of the Machinery Directive. Participants: 25 experts from 7 European countries.

As Project Contributor

2) 2015 - Present. Health and Safety in Construction Sites.

Goal: Connecting with Companies purchasing machinery to be used in construction sites in order to investigate the challenges of assessing and reducing the risks associated to the equipment they buy on the market and make available to the workforce.

Output: Creating a Task Force consisting of national accident insurance bodies, ministries of labour, construction companies, health and safety experts, social partners of the construction sector. This Task Force will contribute to the revision of directive 2006/42/EC. Identifying areas in need of improvement and clarification: information for use, maintenance procedures, accessories connectivity, quick couplers management, interoperability of control systems from different vendors.

3) 2010 - 2018. Working safer with construction machines.

Goal: Bringing together the European social partners in the construction sector (FIEC and EFBWW) and CECE, the European construction machinery manufacturers’ association, to explore and consolidate new modes of communication and cooperation.

Output: Direct dialogue between manufacturers and consumers has been established, so as to inspire simple solutions even for quite complex issues, such as better ergonomics for work equipment and safety aspects like collision avoidance and visibility, with a special attention to support the process of European standardization and improve equipment design at the source.

4) 2002 - 2018. Improving Machinery Design by Benefitting from Workers' Experience ( Feedback).

5) 2008 - 2017. Ergonomics and design, ordering and using of Machinery (ErgoMach). 



Many Experts help ETUI to study the role of technology in the working environment with the objective to enhance performance, profitability, and the health and safety of the European workforce.

Unit III, Health and Safety and Working Conditions, in particular, stands on the shoulders of the giants who since the late eighties have played a significant role in enhancing Trade Unions’ capacitites to improve occupational safety. This page is dedicated to these giants: Dr. Massimo Bartalini, Dr. Fabio Strambi, Dr. Manuela Cucini and Dr. Alessandro Fattorini.

They have been able to equip stakeholders across Europe with the basic understanding, skills, and knowledge required to make better decisions in the safe design of any work system.

ETUI is deeply indebted to them all for the wonderful cooperation, understanding, and support throughout all these years.