European Trade Union Institute, ETUI.

CEN & CENELEC web pages for workers' interests

On 22 January, CEN-CENELEC launched a new online toolbox which aims to explain the European standardisation process to workers and other societal stakeholders.

ETUI invites trade unions to visit the CEN-CENELEC’s online Toolbox for Societal Stakeholders. We feel that this is a vital step towards fully integrating workers' concerns in the European standardisation process, and we celebrate its launch. We hope that National Standards Bodies will continue to develop these tools and implement country-specific toolboxes to facilitate involvement at national level, where societal input is equally beneficial

The “Societal Stakeholders’ Toolbox” was unveiled during the CEN-CENELEC New Year Cocktail in Brussels. ETUI senior researcher Stefano Boy welcomed the initiative in a brief speech.

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