European Trade Union Institute, ETUI.

ETUI cooperating with the CEN governing bodies

In addition to the work in the CEN Technical Committees covering machinery safety and ergonomics, ETUI plays an active role in the functioning of the CEN System, where strategy, planning and programming tasks are carried out. The objective is to contribute to the transparency and inclusiveness of CEN, with direct contact with the CEN Management and the CEN Members.

ETUI monitors the impact of the Regulation on Standardisation N° 1025/2012 on OHS and working conditions.

ETUI is invited to attend the meetings of the Committee on Standards set up by the Regulation as "observer". The Committee discusses issues like:

  • The Annual Union work programme for European standardisation
  • Mandates (the Regulation 1025/2012 introduces the following three main new features into the mandating process: consultation of draft mandates in the Committee on Standards, new legal form of mandates, and new notification requirements)
  • The impact of Regulation 1025/2012 on the procedures to be followed in the case of formal objections against standards


Today, the current role of ETUI within the CEN system can be summarised in this slide:

Starting from the bottom level, left side, we are active in three CEN Technical Committes, TC 114 Safety of Machinery, TC 122 Ergonomics, TC 150 Safety of industrial trucks.

Participating in the work of CEN Technical Committees enables ETUI to identify problems and possible improvements that - in turn - have been injected into the work of the "Effective Membership Ad Hoc Group" (EM) and the "Societal Stakeholders Group" (SSG).

Here ETUI cooperates to improve aspects like the access to standardisation, partnership details and participation opportunities.

These themes emerge as ANEC, ECOS and ETUI's expectations as regards the Regulation. See the following article:

ANEC ECOS ETUI views (pdf - 240.79 Kb)

The concept of Effective Participation has been clarified by ANEC ECOS and ETUI in this working paper:

effective participation (pdf - 58.03 Kb)

The latest developments within the Effective Membership group are summarised in the following document:

effective membership (pdf - 197.62 Kb)

that lists the ETUI, ANEC, ECOS and SBS proposals for modifications to the CEN - CENELEC Internal Regulations as regards: consensus in technical committees, appeals policy and comment resolution meetings: the critical issue of "partnership" with CEN-CENELEC is addressed in this position paper:

Partnership (pdf - 147.39 Kb)

The concept of Partnership with European Organisations and other stakeholders is today consolidated in the CEN - CENELEC Guide 25:

Guide 25 (pdf - 124.16 Kb)

Moving to the upper levels of the slide ETUI & CEN mentioned above, it can be seen that ETUI is invited to attend the meetings of the General Assembly, the Administrative Board and the Technical Board (BT), the three fora where the rules, procedures and functioning details of the CEN system are addressed. It is there that ETUI is monitoring how the CEN system is preparing itself to the changes introduced by the Regulation.

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ETUI monitors the work of the  Working Party Standardisation set up by the Advisory Committee on Safety and Health at Work (ACSHW).

To make the picture complete, it is important to take into account how ETUC has raised some years ago the trade union concerns on the extension of Standardisation to the Service sector:

The 'Societal Stakeholders’ Toolbox' was officially presented at the CEN-CENELEC New Year Cocktail Reception, which took place in Brussels on 22 January 2014, under the hosting of Elena Santiago Cid Director General CEN and CENELEC (second from left).