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Labour market, employment & social policy

The ETUI has several comparative projects in the field of labour market, employment and social policy. The projects look at quantitative and qualitative labour market developments taking account of the institutional configurations specific to the different welfare regimes.

In order to take better account of not only quantitative but also qualitative labour market issues, the ETUI has developed a multi-faceted job quality index in order to compare developments in terms of job quality within Europe and over time. Particular attention has been paid to the developments in non-standard employment and its implications for social security coverage but also for trade union organizing.

Another focus has been cross-border labour mobility within Europe. The current project on labour mobility focuses on the issues of skills mismatch and the impact of the economic crisis.

If you want to know more about labour market reforms and pension reforms in the EU member states, visit our Reforms Watch service.

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Sotiria Theodoropoulou Senior Researcher and Head of Unit II, European economic, employment and social policies

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