European Trade Union Institute, ETUI.

Education and welfare

Large numbers of young persons are increasingly exposed to social disqualification and the associated risk of disaffection. Education is regarded as the primary means of tackling this development. The ETUI is a partner in the Marie Curie Initial Training Network (ITN) Eduwel (Education as Welfare Enhancing opportunities for socially vulnerable youth) which aims to consolidate research on education and welfare and evaluate its capacity to tackle the multiple challenges and pressures on young people in transition from school to work.

Its scientific objective is to identify factors which extend young people's opportunities and capabilities in work, autonomy and participation. EduWel benefits from a network of international early stage researchers (ESRs) and experienced senior researchers who are divided into the three following Working Groups:

  1. Education and welfare in transition to adulthood: methodological and empirical issues;
  2. Welfare institutions as facilitators of educational processes;
  3. Post-compulsory education as welfare.

As an ESR of Working Group 2, based at the ETUI, Margherita Bussi is carrying out her research project focused on ‘The institutional ability of providing quality transitions from school to work to vulnerable young people in Belgium and Switzerland’. With the aim of exploring to what extent institutions are acting as ‘straitjackets’ or ‘stepping stones’ for young people in transition, the analysis focuses on an institutional level through the Transitional Labour Market (TLM) theory, and on anindividual level through the Capability Approach (CA). The theoretical link between these two frameworks will be established through the concepts of employability and responsibility.


Margherita Bussi Associate Researcher

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