European Trade Union Institute, ETUI.

The new pension mix

The importance of supplementary pension schemes is growing across Europe and this has important consequences for the whole economy and more specifically for the wellbeing of workers and their families at their retirement. Via a series of activities and publications, the ETUI takes a deeper look at this very important development, by analysing the risks and suggesting possible improvements, especially in the context of the current global crisis.

This ETUI project aims to analyse pension systems in Europe with specific reference to supplementary schemes. The main issues to be analysed relate to the governance of supplementary schemes (and their interaction with public programmes) and the way they deal with largely common challenges. The project will address the question of the role of the state and social partners (mainly trade unions) in the management of pension policy (in interaction with market forces) and in promoting solidarity in the renewed pension mix (especially in second- and third-pillar schemes). It then aims at shedding light on the main socio-economic challenges affecting pension policy (and pension funds in particular) and the way different institutions deal with them. The results of this project will be published in book form. The publication will focus on two sets of challenges affecting pension systems, their governance, on the one hand, and their sustainability and adequacy, on the other. (External partner: David Natali)

David Natali


Maria Jepsen Director of the Research Department

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