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Scenario-Building: Worker Participation 2030

The scenario-building project ‘Worker Participation 2030’ provides different alternative long-term views on changing contexts under which worker participation and its actors might have to operate in the future. The aim of the ETUI’s scenario work is not to predict the future but to reflect about and prepare for different ‘possible futures’.

The project has a threefold aim: (1) to exchange views on the long-term prospects and changing contexts for worker participation in its various forms in Europe; (2) to develop and discuss various scenarios about possible futures in which worker participation structures and actors might have to operate and (3) to strengthen a culture of long-term thinking, broaden our ‘memories of the future’ and identify/reflect on possible future strategies for worker participation in the EU.

The scenario publication ‘Worker Participation 2030’ – published in August 2010 – represents the outcome of a joint project of the ETUI and the Berlin-based Institute for Prospective Analyses (IPA e.V. ). At several workshops, an interdisciplinary group of ‘experts’ in the field of worker participation –academics, trade union officers, works councillors, consultants and human resource staff, inter alia – from several countries discussed the long-term prospects of and changing contexts for worker participation in its various forms in Europe. The group (assisted by a small facilitating team) developed a number of different scenarios which were afterwards refined by the ‘scenario core team’.

The scenarios undertake an adventurous exercise: casting a long look forward into the future, namely the year 2030, thereby providing enough space for significant changes relevant for worker participation. They incorporate broad developments in society, as well as the strategies and actions of people and organisations, first and foremost the actors involved in worker participation.

In the meantime, the ETUI has started to organize so-called ‘Anticipation Workshops’. Based on the Worker Participation 2030 scenarios, the workshops provide a unique possibility to reflect and exchange in a structured yet open way on the prospects for worker participation in general and, specifically, the way of working within the own organisation.

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