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About ETUI Education

The ETUI Education department works on the basis of an annual work programme. Our courses are developed in close cooperation with the ETUC, the European Trade Union Federations (ETUFs) and national trade unions.

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We deliver about 100 courses per year for more than 2,000 participants. The courses are given by the ETUI’s education officers who, as a rule, work in tutor teams with national trainers. In addition to that, ETUI Education relies on seven thematic networks of trainers with around 100 members from affiliated organizations. Our courses are aimed at trade union officers working for organisations affiliated to the ETUC but also to members of EWCs, SE works councils and Special Negotiation Bodies (SNBs); i.e. company-level employee representatives.

ETUI Education is offering a number of key courses, including: ‘young trade union leaders’, ‘project management’, ‘training of Eurotrainers - EToT’, ‘languages training for trade unionists’, and ‘seminars for individual EWC and SE-WC members’. In addition, the ETUI offers thematic training that is developed on demand and in line with ETUC priorities.

Participation in the EToT, the project management course and the young trade union leader course can lead to certification.

  • Course archives 
    • Most courses from 2010 are still available with their documents, activity sheets, powerpoints, working groups, photos.
    • Do not hesitate to contact the Secretariat to get them.