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Pedagogical Committee

The Pedagogical Committee (PC) is a discussion and advisory body of the ETUI Education Department, dealing with the development of trade union education and training at European level.

The way it operates is based on the policies laid down by the ETUC and on the delegation of powers of the Directors, the General Director of the ETUI and the Director of ETUI Education.


  • Turning the political priorities of the ETUC into training activities at European, national or intersectoral levels while contributing to the development of trade union identity in Europe.
  • Advising the ETUI on the training needs of the member organisations. Helping to devise training programmes.
  • Accrediting the content of the new activities and of the ones that require updating.
  • Considering and proposing the most appropriate way of working and the innovations needed in order to incorporate ETUI training into the European frame of reference, to achieve high levels of quality and improve the methodology and the exchange and sharing of experiences.

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