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Training Pathways

The ETUI offers pedagogical pathways, allowing training participants to progressively build-up knowledge, skills and attitudes, so they can reach specific medium to long-term training goals.

Whilst our various educational activities can be treated as distinct entities, they can also be used as ‘stepping stone’ and be arranged in such a ways that they constitute a pathway towards a training goal.

An ideal learning pathway takes account of the individual needs of training participants and the collective needs of their organisations. ETUI is happy to provide further information and give advice to interested persons upon request.

Download pathways tables

The powerpoint files downloadable hereunder or in the right column can be seen as a roadmap to guide you through the series of trainings we are providing as well as skills needed and themes addressed for three different training audiences:

  • European Works Councils
  • Eurotrainers
  • European trade union representatives