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Additional priority: Capacity building and development of skills


One of the main aims of this workshop is to develop the skills of the EToT network members in their task of coaching ETT participants in the construction of their Portfolios. This is a joint work with the University of Lille, who closely assists members of the network with coaching participants to guarantee that the necessary criteria for accreditation are met. The network will work on ePortfolios under construction and will use the peer assist method to analyse the work done and to cover for missing content.

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The members of the network and partners from Lille University will jointly:

  • Develop more skills in the use of coaching methodologies and techniques on basis of the existing portfolios;
  • Analyse the role and mission of the coach during a learning process;
  • Present coaching problems arising from the direct work with every participant;
  • Match coaching techniques to the accreditation process of Eurotrainers;
  • Coordinate and evaluate with the ETUI and the University of Lille the contents already developed in ePortfolios under construction.