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Additional priority: Capacity building and development of skills


One of the essential competences for trainers engaged in delivering training is group management. In order for the learning to be efficient, trainers should understand and master the life-cycle of a group, possible tensions and conflictual moments within the group of participants. It is important to know and manage the different phases of a group life-cycle: creation, integration, tension, maturation and dissolution. In a context of adult learning, managing a group aims at facilitating the learning process and foster development of knowhow and knowledge of participants.

Some methodological and theoretical inputs will be delivered, and pedagogical tools and methods proposed and experimented during the workshop.

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By the end of the workshop participants will be able to:

  • organise a group life span which can contribute to the participants' learning process;
  • point out the different potential conflicts and tensions arising from team work, particularly in a multicultural context;
  • select and use methods and tools which allow them to better manage tensions and conflicts within groups;
  • further develop and reinforce their pedagogical efficiency in designing and implementing adult learning activities.
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