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Additional priority: Capacity building and development of skills


Everywhere in Europe there are trade union training centres and training departments, which work closely with trade unions organisations. It is via the work done in these training centers that trade union organisations strengthen their identity, develop their cultural awareness and improve training methodologies, which reinforce the trade union movement and its values. It is within these training centers that professionals have accumulated experience in training methodologies, training techniques, use of education technology and production of techno-pedagogical resources.  These meetings of trade union training centers are an added value to trade union movement and to the ETUI. These practices of exchange help build one identity for the trade union movement at the European level.

This meeting is an opportunity to share different methods, practices and pedagogical choices used in different trade union training centers.

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  • Share useful and relevant information among trade union training centers;
  • Identify and anticipate the common needs of future learners;
  • Stimulate the development of these training centers by developing some ETUI training activities within these centers;
  • Put forward training practices at the European level;
  • Reinforce the practice to actually exchange experiences in trade union training as regards methodologies and education technology.