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Course free of charge

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picto language distance learning


Participants will be able to communicate more effectively in English on the following topics:

  • the work of trade unions and national confederations;
  • differences in trade union representation throughout Europe;
  • the work of trade union federations and the ETUC at European level;
  • the current state of collective bargaining in Europe;
  • the work, history, and state of European Works Councils;
  • board room participation;
  • SE companies;
  • direct employee participation; and
  • financial participation.

As well as focusing on key vocabulary, we also look at the following grammar topics:

  • tense usage in the active and passive voice;
  • various conditional forms;
  • reported speech;
  • comparative and superlative forms;
  • describing trends, statistics and graphs;
  • talking about numbers (big and small);
  • the language of meetings; and
  • diplomatic language.
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