European Trade Union Institute, ETUI.

Priority 2: Worker participation and industrial relations


At its 2nd Congress, ‘Building trade union power’ became one of industriAll European Trade Union’s key priority. This new priority consists in the transnational coordination and support to organising, recruiting and retaining trade union members, including at company level. As platform for trade union action in multinational companies, EWCs/SE WCs remain an untapped resource for the conduct of such company-level initiatives.

This training thus intends to better equip EWCs/SE WCs, and in particular EWC/SE WC coordinators, with knowledge and awareness about the tools and resources at their disposal (e.g. rights deriving from the EWC/SE WC Directives, trade union mapping tool, industriAll Europe’s services) to contribute to this horizontal priority.

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  • To raise awareness amongst EWC/SE coordinators and members about this new industriAll Europe’s priority and the fact that organising must also become a key focus intheir activity
  • To reflect on the opportunities and potential hurdles offered by EWC/SE (rights) incontributing to transnational organising initiatives (e.g. duty to report at local level is aright, but how to implement it in practice?), including by learning from others.
  • To provide EWC/SE coordinators and members with concrete tools and resources ( to map trade union presence in an MNC).
  • To support EWC/SE coordinators and members in devising their own action plan forencouraging organising at transnational level.