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Priority 5: Trade union renewal


Discussion workshop - colloquium

This training event will be composed of several sessions, on a progressive pedagogical pathway, until the ETUC Congress 2019.So, it will be linked with the preparation of the Congress, stimulating the participation, the critical thinking, the innovative ideas and a common understanding about the main challenges of the European trade union movement and the European Union / social Europe.

This training is organised by thematical sessions and will be delivered using:

Active learning techniquesTraining in progress model, which means that the programme will be influenced by

  • Training needs identification step by step
  • Basic requirements
  • Current issue
  • Intermediate evaluation
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At the end of the training sessions, the participants will be able to:

  • Contribute to promote, reinforce and develop the ETUC priorities;
  • Cooperate to build a medium term ETUC strategy;
  • Share their own perspectives and to build a common understanding about the main European policies and EU Trade Union issues;
  • Develop a large personal interaction, cooperation, team building and a network;
  • Contribute to the next ETUC congress debate.
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