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Priority 6: Capacity building


Foresight Unit: the impact of digitalisation

Focus will be put on the impact of digitalisation in the education sector and on best practices from some educational policies across Europe on digital skills and ICT training programmes for teachers

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General aim:

The general aim of the training is to empower education trade unions to better understand and raise awareness among their affiliates on the impact of digitalisation in the education sector from an inclusiveness standpoint.


  • To compare and exchange best practices on digital ICT training programmes for teachers from selected national/regional educational policies and programmes;
  • To aknowledge and tackle challenges that hinder an effective use of ICT for inclusive education;
  • To identify effective possibilities which can support teachers with their own ICT training needs;
  • To recognise innovative uses of ICT to support access and equity for learners;
  • To promote an appropriate and responsible use of ICT and new technologies in schools so as to prepare digitally confident and supportive teachers;
  • To increase the capacity of education trade unions to influence ICT and technological developments at EU level.
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