European Trade Union Institute, ETUI.

Priority 6: Capacity building


ETUI launched in 2017 its online training offer, aiming at reaching a higher number of participants and providing them easy access to quality content. Based on the experience gained with the first pilot courses, distance learning on different trade union related topics will be further developed.The design, the delivering and assessing of online courses requires specific skills and knowledge. Roles and tasks of teams involved differ from traditional face-to-face courses.The training is meant to provide to trade union trainers an overview on online learning activities. Many national organizations could take stock of ETUI’s experience before considering developing their own tools for online training.The course will also prepare trainers to get involved in ETUI distance courses. An increasing number of online tutors, under ETUI Education coordination, will be needed to work on this project.

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  • To appreciate how the pedagogy of online courses differs from face-to-face training;
  • To outline the different kinds of learning activity online and how they work;
  • To understand the steps in designing, producing and running an online course;
  • To assess critically alternative ways of converting classroom activities to online activities;
  • To appreciate the skills of nurturing collective learning through online tutoring and facilitating online discussions.
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Sylviane Mathy