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Over the last 2 years, UNI Europa has set up Trade Union Alliances (TUA) (as transnational bodies) in around 20 multinationals.  In each TUA, transnationally adopted union action plans are currently being implemented.  EWC coordinators have a very important role to play in these TUAs, and their ability to fulfil this role will be crucial for the success and efficiency of the TUA.  The aim of the seminar is to train UNI Europa EWC coordinators to better understand and fulfil their role within a TUA.


Pathways: WC 3-4

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The coordinators will receive training on the following topics/issues:

  • UNI Europa guidelines and policies;
  • Differentiating between and linking of transnational I&C bodies and trade union alliances;
  • How to develop a joint strategy on restructuring in multinational companies;
  • How to coordinate collective bargaining;
  • How to proceed with transnational negotiations;
  • Preparing and managing a transnational organising campaign;
  • Developing an action plan for the establishment and activation of trade union alliances.
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