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Trade unions everywhere in Europe note that extreme right and populist movements continue to appeal to our supporters and affiliates. This discourse is becoming increasingly mainstream. A common objective among European trade unions is consequently to “(re-)politicise” their rank and file; to put our fundamental values in the forefront once again. The key question for this course is how trade union education can contribute to this change.

In this seminar, we are promoting an exchange between (professional) trade union trainers who already have certain experience with this objective. The subject of the exchange are the methods used to politicise our trainees that have been put in practice or are under development. This notion of politicising refers to raising awareness about social problems (neo-liberalism, racism, exploitation, social rights) and acting to strengthen the position and interests of workers. Our fundamental values must be taken as points of departure for this awareness. As trade unionists, we must also peg the action to this awareness.  Training must support these two paths. 

Pedagogical workshop

Pathway: P3

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Participants will be able to:

  • recognise the importance of acting in a trade union training context to strengthen the position and interest of the workers;
  • experience some methods used to politicize our participants in a training course;
  • share practical methods already tested in a trade union context;
  • list some common educational exercises, diagrams and methods.

The training will cover the following topics:

  • How to “re-politicise” trade unionists in order to put our fundamental values in the forefront again;
  • Trade union training as a means to tackle the rising of extreme right and populist movements and also social problems (neo-liberalism, racism, exploitation, social rights);
  • The contribute trade unionists can give for this change;
  • Training methods and tools which can help trainers undertake this task.
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