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11 July 2017

Seven ETUI Eurotrainers recognised and certified by Lille1 University

On 29 June 2017, a landmark day for ETUI Education and trade union training, seven Eurotrainers who have been working directly with the ETUI in recent years had their competences and skills recognised and accredited by Lille1 University in France.

Gabriela Portela, the ETUI Education Officer in charge of this learning pathway, along with colleagues from the ‘European training of trainers network’ (EToT), coached, trained and accompanied these seven trade union trainers throughout the process of obtaining the equivalent to a degree in Educational Sciences via the APEL procedure (an EU-acknowledged process of Accreditation of Prior Education and Learning).

Natalja Grajzeva (Latvia), Sikke Leinikki (Finland), Dariusz Goc (Poland), Josep Maria Ruiz (Spain), Antonia Maraffa (Italy), Christian Angèle (France) and Olivier Starquit (Belgium) developed a reflective portfolio of their work, a self-evaluation tool to analyse their competences as trade union trainers at both the national and European levels. They then appeared before the jury at Lille1 University to make an oral presentation of their work and its impact for their personal future and answer questions from members of the jury.

Gabriela Portela was also part of the jury. Ulisses Garrido, Director of the ETUI’s Education Department, commented: “This is a recognition of Gabriela’s commitment, competence and knowledge of the APEL procedure, as well as of the pedagogical pathway developed by the ETUI.”

This process of achieving the equivalence of competences for European trade union trainers started five years ago, when we began negotiations with the University of Lille to set a framework of competences and a training pathway for Eurotrainers which, being recognised and certified, is equivalent to the framework of competences required at Lille1 University to obtain a degree in Educational Sciences,” explained Gabriela Portela.

Gabriela Portela and the EToT network also restructured the Eurotrainers courses, Levels 1 and 2, and developed a pedagogical training offer which is available to all candidates between Levels 1 and 2.

This personal development process, which may take 2 to 2.5 years for each candidate, culminates in the presentation of a reflective e-portfolio to all members of the jury. To complete this task, each candidate is coached by one of the members of the network as well as by Gabriela Portela, Marie-Christine Vermelle and Lucie Petit, from the University of Lille.

Gabriela Portela said: “This achievement and recognition are of the utmost importance for trade union training as it means that the quality and purposes of our work are recognised as valuable and unique by other external institutions who also work within the field of education and training.

In January-February 2018 a second group of 12 trade union trainers will appear before the Lille1 university jury to present their portfolios.

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