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22 November 2018

Debunk the far-right. Reinforce trade union power

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The training course “Debunk the far-right. Reinforce trade union power” organized by the ETUI in cooperation with CGT, FGTB, Maßß and ÖGB took place from 29 to 31 October 2018 in Courcelles, France. It focussed on trade-union strategies and practices to counter far-right ideas and political actions which is even more pressing due to the coming European Parliament elections. The course consists of three parts. During a first workshop participants analyse the far-right ideology and practice in opposition to trade unions values and practices and then they split into transnational working groups. In a second workshop the activities of the working groups are assessed and trade union capacities for countering the far-right reinforced.

During the first workshop, Joachim Becker author of a study for the Austrian Chamber of Labour on the far-right and trade unions in countries such as Hungary, Belgium and Italy presented the economic and social policies of the far-right and their stance toward trade unions. Richard Detje, co-author of the book “Right-wing populism and trade unions” discussed then with the training course participants the reasons why some workers turn to the far-right and proposed some paths of action for trade unions.

After a video with Luca Visentini warning about the growth of the far-right in the future European parliament, participants exchanged  trade union practices and tried to find a common EU dimension to those practices. Finally, they drafted plans for the working groups that will be working together until the next workshop. The trade unionists participating in the training cycle felt empowered by the fact that ETUI organises such an exchange. They appreciated the opportunity to analyse practices, as well as develop concrete ideas to reinforce trade union power and counter the far-right.

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