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31 October 2012

Development of training for project management

ETUI, together with ETUC and a core group of affiliates, tutors and experts, has been working for two years to a larger strategy in order to produce a certified three-level training programme designed to address trade union project needs at regional, national and European level.

Training modules on different aspects of project work and project management can now be offered at Introductory, Intermediate and Advanced levels, with pathways for progression between these levels. Formal recognition and accreditation for this training, mapped via the European Qualifications Framework, has already been achieved with the support of the TUC.

These skills in project work and project management can contribute to capacity-building at a variety of different levels:

  • An Introductory level course, Project Work for Trade Union Representatives, provides a foundation in project work. This course will be delivered at national/sectoral level. It will be suitable for union staff involved in organising campaigns or events, recruitment drives, media campaigns, etc. It will be beneficial, too, for clerical, administrative and finance staff who are often tasked with reporting on projects but have little experience or understanding of what is involved.
  • The Intermediate level course, Project Management for Trade Union Representatives, provides more detailed training in all aspects of project work. It will provide a valuable experience for people who are members of European project teams, as well as those who may be responsible for national or regional projects. Successful completion of the Introductory level course will normally be a pre-requisite for acceptance on this course. It will be delivered at a European level by ETUI Education.
  • The Advanced modules, also delivered by ETUI Education, are targeted at those who have responsibility for designing, leading and managing projects of some scale at national and European levels.

To support national and sectoral organisations in the successful delivery of the Introductory course, ETUI Education has developed a pack of training materials and delivered 3 certified Trainers Courses in 2012-2013 with a group of affiliates from national organisations: TUC, SEK, ICTU, ÖGB, FILCAMS-CGIL, CITUB, LO-S, UGT-P, CGT-P, CC.OO., ELA, CGT, GWU, ZSSS.

A fourth Trainers Course is planned to take place in Vienna, in cooperation with OGB, 2-6.2.2015.

In the meantime, as part of the 3 level ETUI strategy on project work and project management, an intermediate level course will take place in Edinburgh, in cooperation with TUC, 17-21.3.2014, and in Courcelle, in cooperation with CGT, 27-31.10.2014.

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