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3 June 2019

Training on Strategic thinking for trade unions

In a world of rapid change trade unions should adapt and anticipate. Strategic thinking is challenging conventional thinking, and we all know that it can help us to develop capacities to address future challenges.

The training organised in Palermo, 19-21st March 2019 , was intended to build up participants’ capacity to think strategically and use foresight. Mapping the horizon and using their analytical skills to identify the main trends was one of the activities developed during the training. Looking to the future cannot be done without imagining it, so participants were challenged to develop their own scenarios for trade unions in the period leading up to2040. All these cannot be done if we, as trade union organisation, are not able to change and adapt to changes. So, another module of the training was to develop participants as strategic thinkers and agents of change. The training, attended by 24 participants from 12 countries, strived to achieve its objectives by using active methodology and challenging participants to go to the limits of analysing, seeing and imagining the future by developing their strategic thinking and foresight skills.

New training programmes will be developed on this topic, as there is more and more a need for trade unions to not only to adapt to change, but also to think ahead and use foresight when developing their future strategies.

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