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The institutions of the Europe Union and how they function is not obvious and not easy to understand, creating therefore a huge gap between EU policy makers and citizens. Through this basic training courses on European issues, ETUI wishes to strengthen the links and identification between ETUC member union organisations, thereby strengthening trade union action within the European framework. This course is built on three pillars:

  • the European Union; 
  • the social actors; 
  • the functioning of the EU.

These pillars cover all the necessary elements to understand the current situation as a citizen in Europe and they will help participants to achieve the aims for this course. The course will involve about 18 hours of work.

Pathway B7

Participation is free of charge. 

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  • empower participants not only to critically analyse how the EU works and see how decisions are taken, but above all to understand how you as a trade unionist they can play a role and intervene in the process; 
  • learn about the importance of the EU in the world, about the role of the social partners in the decision-making process and finally about the way how to be active at European level; 
  • reinforce trade unions in every country in Europe and make their work more efficient. 
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