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Priority 1: Policies and actions for the future of Europe


Our organisations need to update their knowledge on how to make a difference in the European Semester and to better engage into meaningful social dialogue on education policy and reforms within the European Semester framework both with employer organisations in education and the European Commission officers. ETUCE has established its ETUCE Platform on the European Semester in 2014. Since then, education trade union representatives have started to engage both with the European semester officers and with their confederations. The European Semester is still improving due to the European pillar of social rights and education continues to be the sector which is receiving the greatest number of country specific recommendations each year. Sharing of national practices among members of the ETUCE Platform remains a key aim to empower education trade unions to engage with this process in order to shape it.

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By the end of this workshop participants will be able to:

  • identify and analyse the underlying elements and procedures linked to the European Semester, the Social scoreboard and the Pillar of Social Rights;
  • actively engage into a process of agenda shaping with a long-term vision and delivering clear messages;
  • structure and plan the ground for national coordinated plans on how to intervene in the process
  • identify relevant actors to address at the national level.
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