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Priority 2: Worker participation and industrial relations


In EFFAT’s view, EWCs are an important platform for implementing the EFFAT political agenda at company level. But to do so in an efficient way, it is crucial to inform and train delegates about their rights and powers as EWC members.

While many EWCs work well, there are others where our colleagues are struggling to be informed and consulted in an effective and timely manner, i.e. before decisions are taken. This is mainly due to attitudes of senior management but also to our colleagues not always understanding the enormous potential of EWCs.

Moreover, our colleagues in EWCs frequently do not know what to do to make good use of the time they have during preparatory meetings. In this regard, EWCs provide a unique platform where workers’ representatives can meet and strengthen cross-border cooperation and coordination. The exchange of information is particularly useful to prevent employees from various countries being played off against each other. With this training session, we want EFFAT affiliates in EWCs to become more familiar with the EU social acquis and the EWC legal framework but also to make better use of preparatory meetings.

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  • To get participants to fully understand the potential of EWCs and become more independent in their role as EWC members;
  • To stimulate cross-border trade union cooperation in multinational companies;
  • To consider ways of turning EWCs into an effective and powerful tool for trade unions.