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Priority 4: Working conditions and job quality


Psychosocial risk, although recognized by different bodies and stakeholders in OSH area, is still an aware issue, but with no relevant solutions. There are many dimensions involved in the area (work-live balance, workloads, conflicting demands, conflicts in interpersonal relations …) which makes this problem more sophisticated and hence difficult to address from trade union level. At the same time, diseases and accidents, steaming from not correctly managed psychosocial risks are becoming significant number. Trade unions undertake actions in the area, but all of them need to be supported on various levels to make the topic visible, important to authorities as well as workers.

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  • To identify how the work organisation could generate PSR in the workplace;
  • To identify the consequences of PSR on workers’ health;
  • to recognise trade union role in negotiating changes in the work organisation which will have as consequences the reduction of PSR
  • to produce common trade union approach in psychosocial risks issue.
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