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Priority 4: Working conditions and job quality


In the context of globalisation and digitalisation, the situation of the unemployed is degrading, as they are disadvantaged in terms of their skill development needs. Already any low-skilled worker needs to face these challenges, as otherwise the risk of becoming unemployed will rise quickly.  Long-term unemployment has become an endemic problem in so many countries in the European Union and is a paramount burden for its economies. It deteriorates working conditions in general throughout society and worsens poverty. Also, the unions must carry out actions that protect the unemployed more. Because “a chain is as strong as its weakest link”, come and attend the training to discover the realities in Europe and think about common solutions. The general aim of the training is to strengthen the social protection for the unemployed in Europe.

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  • To analyse the actual situation of unemployment in Europe;
  • To discover European trade union policies and activities on unemployment, active labour policies, strategies for re-employment, transition school to work;
  • To share trade union work and successes in protecting unemployed workers, for redeploying redundant workers, to reinforce the skills of workers in order to improve their employability;
  • To develop a joint trade union perspective and proposals of strategy at national and EU level to improve active labour market policies and social protection of unemployed people with the active role of social partners in the context of EPSR.
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