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Priority 4: Working conditions and job quality


Capital cities and regions throughout Europe have particular problems linked with the size of their populations, their geographical extent, internal and interregional mobility; they are also economically important, often hosting corporate headquarters and major banks.

The availability and impact of public services play an important role in such areas.

The quality of life of workers is often worse than in other regions, generating greater inequality.

Poverty or the risk of poverty is more prevalent, more and more workers are belonging to the working poor and social exclusion is more visible.

New (and sustainable) jobs are not being created in sufficient numbers.

In the face of all these specific challenges of capital cities, trade unions need to develop particular competences and share experiences on a larger scale.

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  • to empower trade unions leaders in terms of knowledge of the realities at local/regional/capital level;
  • to share collective experiences of local trade unions in the face of the main problems;
  • to strengthen the network of trade union organisations active at capital level.